Attractions in Nicosia

Nicosia Venetian Walls

Nicosia Venetian Walls were built since the Venetian occupation in the 16th century and are located around the old town of the capital city of Cyprus

Nicosia Byzantine Museum

Nicosia Byzantine Museum is located in the old city of Nicosia and has the biggest collection of icons on the island, starting from 9th to 18th century. The houses also gallery that exhibits maps, lithographs, and oil paintings.

Archbishop Makarios Cultural Foundation

Visitor Comment:One of the very few places in the world to view greek orthodox ancient icons and learn about the different painting techniques, mosaics and much more...Located within the complex of the Makarios Cultural Foundation in Lefkosia (Nicosia), this museum has the island's largest collection of icons related to Cyprus.

Leventis Museum

Trip Advisor visitor comment:A friend and I visited this charming museum, set in a fine upper class house of Nicosia, and spent an especially pleasurable 2 hours viewing its displays. We didn't spend much time in the 'Orientation room', and I recommend you copy us.

Ayios Ioannis Church

Trip Advisor visitor comment:We went to see the Makarios III Gallery to view the Icons (Well worth it if you like Ecclesiastical art); the Cathedral is in the immediate area - you have to walk by it to enter the Gallery! We looked around for about 15 min.

Panagia Asinou Church

Trip Advisor visitor comment:This is a church built in the early 12th century and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a small church and the elaborate byzantine frescoes on the walls depict heaven and hell, the annunciation, as well as other religious themes.