One of the choices that many of us are faced with when we decide to book our holiday is should we book a higher priced hotel room over a lower priced one. Should we stay somewhere nice and leave ourselves with less money to experience activities? Or spend less on the hotel, possibly staying somewhere unfavourable, giving us more to spend on other things?

What if there was a possibility of finding a good hotel and still spend less?

Know Exactly What You Want

Prior to being able to save money you will need to know what it is you want from a hotel. Are you going to be spending time at the hotel resulting in you wanting more luxurious surroundings or will you be spending most of your time out and about and only require the hotel to sleep in? It makes it easier to reduce the search for a suitable hotel once you know what you are looking for.

Be Wary of Package Deals

It is possible to find a cheap hotel when looking at package deals that offer the combination of two or more services like hotel and flight or car rental. However there is a potential that you could pay more for the ease of booking in the same location your hotel and additional services.

Make certain of the rates when you think that you are looking at a good package deal. It is always possible that if you book directly with the hotel rather than through a package operator you will pay less.

Thoroughly do your research for both booking as a package and individually before making any decisions or payments.

Package Deals can be Good

Some package deals are not necessarily bad if you know what it is you are looking for. It is possible to receive accommodation for a night for free at a particular hotel if you hire a car from a certain company. This may prove cheaper in the long run if you take advantage of such a deal.

Online Bookings

Some websites are priceless when it comes to booking a hotel online. The wealth of information and possible discounts and cheaper rates offered by such sites has the potential to save you a great deal amount of money.

Credit Card Promotions

There is a good chance that your credit card company may have linked up with a chain of hotels that can offer you a discount if you book with your credit card. Many credit card companies do this to promote business and travel to certain areas for the hotel chains.

Contact the Hotel Directly

Contacting a hotel directly and enquiring about any deals or special offers they may have is a great way to find cheaper accommodation. If contacting a hotel chain make certain that you call the hotel that is located in the place you wish to stay as the head office’s may not have information relating to the deals that specific hotels may be offering.

By comparing prices and contacting several different companies the chances of finding a cheap hotel increases. Research thoroughly to make the savings you never thought were possible.