For the modern traveller, Cyprus has much to offer. Its cultural attractions date back thousands of years, drawing hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Along with the beautiful architecture of the country, Cyprus has also a delicious cuisine to offer. Cyprus is a country that is surely to be enjoyed any time of year with its Mediterranean sun and stunning beaches.

The luxury hotels in Cyprus do not hold back on providing their guests with lavish and opulent surroundings ensuring that guests experience a luxury of superior quality. Guests will be able to take advantage of the well equipped and spacious rooms, a variety of spa treatments, relaxing by the pool along with many other luxurious treats that are on offer by Cyprus hotels.

Five star hotels have an advantage over five star resorts in that they are less expensive but still offer the luxury and many of the same options as a resort as well as having a little more privacy.

When selecting a five star hotel you may want to take the following things into consideration to ensure that your stay is one to be enjoyed and remembered.

1) Look for a hotel that has a high comfort rating. The ability to get a restful and peaceful sleep can make all the difference in you enjoying your stay. The comfort rating should be five stars also.

2) The service of a five star hotel should be of a high standard and quality. Check the service rating for the hotel. Are the members of staff organised and efficient? Are they helpful and can they provide you with what you need when you need it?

3) Does this five star hotel that you are considering choosing offer any services, facilities or amenities that other five star hotels do not offer? Does it offer something specific that you are looking for in your holiday?

4) Do the rooms have their own climate control? Are you able to adjust the temperature to give you the most comfort when awake or asleep? Feeling relaxed and refreshed will guarantee that you can get the most out of your holiday and enjoy the hotel you have chosen as much as you possibly can.

Enhance your enjoyment of the history, beautiful scenery, architecture and culture of Cyprus from the luxurious comfort of a five star hotel.