Cyprus Fast Food

International fast Food restaurant chains are here and it is part of the development. Known brands are implemented in all areas and like everywhere else, they are popular and busy. More types of fast food evolved, and we now have ‘take away’ and easy grab meals with local specialities too, so the options for ‘fast’ eating or ‘ fast’ collecting food ,is getting more diverse.

Cyprus Restaurants

Eating is a serious tradition in Cyprus and there are restaurants almost everywhere. Depending on type of cuisine, from gourmet to fast food, the options are there to satisfy any individual taste and wallet.

Cyprus Taverns

One of the best Mediterranean Cuisines is the local cuisine and Cyprus specialties are a 'fusion' of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern herbs and spices, a very successful blend of tastes. To try these delicious specialities, one must visit mostly the Taverns, and there is an abundance of them!Tavernas mostly serve ‘meze’, a variety of different dishes for tasting grilled, baked or roasted specialities while drinking local wine or beer.