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Information collected by may collect information under the following circumstances and conditions.

1) Personal and Non-personal data as part of the registration process. It may include age, gender, interests, address and e-mail address.

2) Business Information for administering the site such as maintaining account information and the sending and receiving of payments.

How collected information is used

All provided data is preserved in strict confidence and we treat this data with respect and care. However there will be occasions that may share information with third parties under the following circumstances:

1) Non-personal data is used for marketing, sales and targeted advertisements. It helps our users find information related to their search.

2) Personal data may be used for marketing purposes.

3) Data may be shared with government and law offices, if necessary.

Security Protection

All data, collected by is treated as confidential. We are using the highest security standards to protect our customers and partners. However you need to be aware, that the internet is not 100% secure, and even with our security protection, there may be a possibility of someone defeating our security measures.

Access to Data also provides to their customers access to personal data for error correction of their information.

Content that we may include on our services may be taken from websites without the owner’s approval. Therefore if a website owner does not want to advertise its services with us or display their information, they should contact us immediately, and we will remove all related information about their service or business as soon as we receive their request.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

As our Company is growing, the Privacy Policy has to develop also. We are testing and checking it all the time and there is a possibility, that in time our Privacy Policy may change, if needed.

All issues relating to your access or use of will be taken in accordance of Cypriot Laws under the exclusive authority of the Cypriot Courts.

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