Boutique Hotels is a term that has become popular in the United States as all over the world and refers to unique, designer and luxurious hotels that differ to the more standardized and uniform hotel accommodation which we got to know from the international hotel chains. While the established hotel chains strive to provide hotels which are very functional and cater for a large number of travelers, privately owned boutique hotels cater to the particular needs, tastes and likings of certain types of travelers who are interested in staying in hotel establishments that possess a special flair, highly personalised amenities, and usually luxurious and high tech design.

It is widely understood that a boutique refers to a small specialty high end shop, as opposed to large main street stores. In the same way a boutique hotel is likely to be a small upscale hotel, usually with fewer than 120 rooms. Nowadays many of the larger hotel chains are using the boutique concept and implement boutique characteristics in their styles and services, although by a simple classification Boutique hotels are much smaller than chain hotels. Also Boutique hotels usually have a certain theme, high end interior design and often occupy a unique location. So when you think of a boutique hotel, think of a small, luxury, unique, designer hotel but also very intimate and personal.

Boutique hotels are now ranging from the extravagantly luxurious which cater to the business community and the jet setters, to the more affordable attractive places that are loved by ordinary travelers that like the type of boutique ambiance but without the upscale prices. Some cater to the health-conscious individual and feature things like beauty salons, spa centers and personal fitness trainers, while others might offer peaceful surroundings for those in need of peace and quiet away from their busy and demanding lifestyles.

Styles of Boutique hotels can vary but these hotels usually share certain similarities and certain criteria must be met if a hotel is going to use the boutique name and to successfully attract and serve the clientele who choose the particular establishment. As Boutique Hotels are usually smaller and cater for a much smaller number of guests, the guests expect a highly personalized approach by the hotel management and staff, with friendliness and preferably knowing the guest by their name. Guests like to be presented with rooms which differ in design from each other, with personalized books for in room reading, CDs and DVD collections also in the individual rooms and busy and popular lounges and bars which are visited by well-informed locals that love the ambiance and trendiness of that particular Boutique Hotel.

As in any other fashionable location worldwide in Cyprus also we see lately the trend in developing this particular form of hotel accommodation. You may find Boutique Hotels nowadays from Protaras and Ayia Napa to Limassol and Paphos.

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