The first thing that we think about when deciding to visit another city or country is where we will be staying. We start to look at the hotels in the area we wish to visit and start thinking about which one would be nice to stay at. For those of us who have travelled before we will know what preferences we have in hotels and what we want from them. There are a number of things depending on each person as to what we would like from a hotel for us to have a more comfortable stay.

One of the problems with staying at a hotel is that there will always be something that we do not like or are unhappy about unless of course we are able to afford to stay at a top 5-star hotel that will generally ensure that everything you require is there for you. However for the majority of us who have to stay in an ordinary holiday the possibility of having problems with the size of the room or the cleanliness of the bathroom is considerably high.

What is it about a hotel that will give us the desire to return and choose that particular hotel over the many others that are available to us?

There are three things that have an influence on our decision to return to a hotel or not which are:-


This may be the most important factor out of the three that can sway our decision. We want a hotel that offers a relaxing night sleep as well as the option to relax in comfort after a long day travelling around the town or sightseeing around the country. The bed should be made with fresh bedding and the room should be at a comfortable temperature. The bathroom should also be at a good temperature with the guest having access to control the temperature of their room. There should also be good lighting and the room should have at least one window. A hotel should try and improve on these small details to ensure customer happiness and to help secure the guest returns another time.


It is important for a hotel to greet its guests with warmth and hospitality to make the guest feel welcome and to raise their spirits. The hotels food and housekeeping should be at a good service level also. If the hotels staff are friendly, helpful and perform their jobs well guests will have no complaints in this area.


The location of a hotel is very important. It should be in a place that is visible and not tucked away down small alleys or situated on a long stretch of highway. It should be in a location that offers an ease to the guest to access all the touristic spots and attractions of the town or city. It should be at the very least situated near to restaurants and shopping centres as these are two of the main areas that guests will want to frequent. In today’s modern age guests also request a wireless access point to the internet. Most hotels offer this service at a charge. However if this was offered as a free extra it would guarantee a much happier guest with a higher chance of that guest returning time and time again.