Trip Advisor visitor comment:

A friend and I visited this charming museum, set in a fine upper class house of Nicosia, and spent an especially pleasurable 2 hours viewing its displays. We didn't spend much time in the 'Orientation room', and I recommend you copy us. It is pretty self-evident. The Nicosia gallery (02) and Chronology Room (03) got similar short shrift, but children and those unfamiliar with the history etc., might want to spend a little time there. We wanted to see 'stuff' (like antiquities, 04 (Byzantine), 05 (Frankish), 17 (Severis Fam. collection), and 18 (Phylactou collection); Jewelry (14); Maps (10); etc.). There is plenty of great 'stuff' to see here, and the lifts are wonderful for those, like my guest, who have problems climbing and descending stairs. The museum is extremely well designed and a wonderful place to visit.