Safety on the road

DrivingDriving is on the left side of the road.Road signs are in Greek and English while distances are in Kilometers.Speed signs are km/h.Seatbelt is mandatory for drivers and passengers.Young children must be seated at the back seats.

Health and Medicare

Health Care System International tourists are offered free medical treatment and assistance at the Government hospitals at the Emergency and accident departments. Eu citizens may seek further medical assistance with their E111 from or the EHIC card issued by their countryโ€™s health care authorities. .

Disabled Visitors

Visitors on a wheelchair will find facilities in Cyprus to facilitate their moving around. The Airports of Larnaca and Paphos meet the European regulations 1107/2006 for disabled travelers. There are accessible washrooms, charging stations for electric wheelchairs at departure gates, ramps for bus boarding and general facilities for persons with different access needs.