Driving is on the left side of the road.

Road signs are in Greek and English while distances are in Kilometers.

Speed signs are km/h.

Seatbelt is mandatory for drivers and passengers.

Young children must be seated at the back seats.

The use of Mobile phones while driving is forbidden.

Helmets are compulsory for motorcycles.

Smoking in the car with children-passengers is prohibited.

Third party liability insurance is obligatory


Driving and Alcohol

Driving a car, a motorcycle even a pedal bicycle under the influence of alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Regular alcohol control checks are done by the police and offenders may be fined or imprisoned


A person is considered drunk if:

- The alcohol /breath level equals or exceeds 22 mcg of alcohol per 1—ml of breath

- The blood/alcohol level equals or exceeds 50 mill of alcohol per 100 mil of blood.


Call any of the two for emergency: 112 or 199



Petrol Stations

Petrol stations sell premium and unleaded petrol as well as diesel.

The price indicated is per liter.

Petrol stations are open from Monday to Saturday though most of the stations offer a 24hr self service machines for both bank notes and credit cards.



Municipal parking spaces are available in the city centers and small communities.

Parking meters are available in the city center and commercial areas with no fee on weekend and public holidays.


Parking is prohibited on:

Double yellow lines

Disabled Parking spaces

Single yellow line. (May unload or wait for short period)