Paphos, Paphos, CY
Tombs of the Kings | Map

The Tombs of the Kings is an extensive necropolis lying about two kilometres north-west of Paphos Castle. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is consisted of seven underground tombs which are carved out of solid rock. The site takes over a large beachfront area facing the west coast of Paphos.

Many of the tombs date back to the 4th century BC and are thought to have been the burial site of local aristocrats and high officials up untill the 3rd century AD. The name Kings does not mean that kings were buried here. It is used to show the magnificence of the tombs. The tombs are unique as at times they imitated the houses of the living. Some of them feature Doric columns and walls with frescoes. Access into the underground tombs is offered through steps and pathways formed at the time when the tombs were carved.

The first systematic archaeological examinations and excavations started in the 1970's by Dr Sophocles Hadjisavvas. However, archaeological excavations are still being carried out at the site. many findings revealed from the excavations that are examined to define the exact chronology of the site. Due to the Paphian habit of offer Rhodian amphorae for a burial, it is possible for scientists to give a date through the manufacturing stamps placed on the handles of these amphorae.

At the same site there is a Byzantine church known as Paleoekklisia featuring traces of wall frescoes. A visit tot the Tombs Of The Kings site is a really fascinating experience for all the family.


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