Kings Hotel

38 Tombs of the Kings, Paphos, 8016 Paphos, Cyprus | P.O. Box 61412, P.O. Box Postal Code 8134

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Hotel Description

Kings Hotel in Cyprus salutes you with a warm welcome and simplified formalities crafted for you to check in easily. Fine dining; with a variety of delicious cuisine that is irresistible. Your stay in the Kings Hotel will never be disappointing as the facilities are too good. Moreover, the friendly and organized staff greets you and serves you with all the enthusiasm and effort to ensure your stay is not affected in any which way. It is heart touchingly felt that you will be so much impressed with your stay at Kings Hotel that you will come back again to Cyprus to stay in this Hotel and enjoy your Holidays in full swing.

The rooms are clean, well furnished and beautiful. The Kings Hotel's workforce is equally more courteous and understanding. That means the staff is well trained to be able to anticipate any needs that arise for the guests and serve the guests with cordiality and hospitality, which is the most important part for a tourist to look for. Thus the Kings Hotel in Paphos is diligently your Holiday affair. Where you can enjoy being a guest and at many advantages that you will flaunt.

The Kings Hotel is surely your right choice. You can reach it easily as it is located at Tombs of the Kings Road Paphos, Cyprus. Thus, for an affordable, enjoyable and comfortable stay try Kings Hotel, you will less likely to be disappointed by the Hotel facilities. The surrounding areas are well developed with greenery and lively atmosphere that you will feel fresh. The hotel provides their guests with pool and other requirements to stay calm and peaceful.

So if you are looking to travel Holidaying in Cyprus, Kings Hotel is the better option for you and your family. The appealing and exciting factors are yet to be disclosed and which might be ordinary for you or very special; in any case these will be discovered by you through your personal experiences, accordingly. Discover the joy of a holiday trip to Cyprus. Book the Kings Hotel in advance for an organized holidaying. The organized way is the proper way for each of us in every aspect. Nevertheless it is up to you to decide in which way your trip will be programmed or planned. After all it is your decision that matters the most. Travelling is fun indeed.

Cyprus is an Island full of amusements and wonders awaits you for a visit, which could be your Holiday in full flow of enjoyment. Yes, Cyprus is the word that is predominantly in the minds of everyone. Cyprus is the green Island in Europe that is at craving choice for an engrossing trip. That is not enough as you need to book a Hotel in Cyprus that is comfortable and relaxing. And the Hotel, which is regarded as beautiful and well maintained with the facilities to contour your wishes to get fulfilled in, anyway; is the Kings Hotel.

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  • Air Conditioned Rooms
  • Bar
  • Centrally Heated Rooms
  • Free Car Park
  • Internet Access
  • Lift
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Swimming Pool
  • TV In Rooms
Has Online Booking
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Contact Details
Street Tombs of the Kings 38
Location Paphos
Postal Code 8016
District Paphos
Country CYPRUS
P.O. Box 61412
P.O. Box Postal Code 8134
Contact Name Nayia Savvidou
Mobile # (+357) 99 416 090
Phone # (+357) 26 933 497
Fax # (+357) 26 945 516
Company Information
Directors Harris Tsiolis
Member of Charis Tsiolis Enterprises Ltd.

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