Paphos, Paphos, CY
Paphos Mosaics | Map
Paphos Mosaics is one of the most highly visited sites by the tourists arriving in Cyprus, as they are included among the finest in the Mediterranean. They are part of the Kato Paphos Archaeological park which is located close to Paphos Harbor. They where created in the Roman times as luxurious, decorative mosaic floors in the villas of Roman noblemen of Paphos. The city had been the capital of the island at the time and was home to several Roman officials and members of the high society.
Nowadays there are five Roman villas with mosaic floors, all within the premises of the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park. The villas are now named by the archaeologists according to the patterns depicted most often in each house. The House of Dionysus features mosaic decorations inspired by the Greek Mythology that date back to 2nd Century A.D. Dionysos, the Greek God of Wine, and several scenes from his worship are constantly depicted in this villa. Close to the house of Dionysus ly the ruins of the House of Theseus. There are many geometrical designs on the floors and mythological scenes as the "Birth of Achilles".
Further to that, there is the House of Aion with mosaics that date back to the 4th Century A.D. It features some of the finest mythological scenes to admire, such as the "Leda And The Swan". The House of Orpheus is a villa built in the 3rd century A.D. at the west of the House of Theseus. It features mosaics depicting Orpheus, Hercules and Amazons. Next tot that the House of Four Seasons takes its name from the the scene presenting the personification of the four seasons, dating back to the 3rd century A.D.

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