Paphos, Paphos, CY
Paphos District Archaeological Museum | Map

The Paphos District Archaeological Museum is located in Paphos town center and has opened its gates to the public in 1964. Currently the museum features five exhibition areas as well as a protected area in the yard that exhibits all the marble and limestone inscriptions found in Paphos.

The museum houses a very interesting collection of Cyprus antique findings from the Paphos district. There are archaeological objects dating to the Prehistoric and the Historic periods that followed. The oldest exhibits date back to 8000 BC approximately.  Finds from the chalcolithic sites of Kissonerga and Lemba, a collection of ceramic vessels from all the phases of the Bronze Age in Cyprus, as well as iron artifacts and a small jewelry collection  are displayed here.

Further to that there are objects and artifacts representing the Archaic and Classical periods with several findings from Palaipaphos, Marion and Nea Paphos. There is also ancient pottery that was imported from Athens as trading goods and a collection of coins from Marion and Paphos city - kingdoms, the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Among the exhibits the visitors may admire stone sarcofagi, Roman marble sculptures and a unique series of clay vessels.

Whatever finds came to light at the excavation in Kato Paphos, the House of Dionysus from the Early Christian era are also showcased at the Paphos Museum. A series of medieval objects, including mural paintings, glass vessels and glazed pottery from the sites of Saranta Kolones and Chrysopolitissa are well representatives form the Frankish and the Venetian era.

Perhaps the most interesting exhibits to be admired by the visitors are the Roman medical devices and funerary steles, statues and a remarkable skeleton from Lemba.


Tel.: 26306215

Opening Hours:

08:00 - 16:00  Monday - Friday

Closed: Saturday & Sunday

Entrance 1.70 Euro


(Chair Lift available)