Paphos, Paphos, CY
Paphos Odeon | Map
The Paphos Odeon is a remarkable monument to admire when in Paphos. It is sitiuated within the Paphos Archaeological Park, close to the Paphos picturesque harbor. The momument was built entirely out of limestone blocks in the 2nd Century A.D. This semicircle theatre with 12 rows offers around 1,200 seats for the spectators. Next to the theatre there is a lighthouse which ads up to the scenery and a rocky mount believed to be the Acropolis of Paphos. The scenery is completed by the ruins of the Roman Agora that stant in front of the Odeon and the remains of the ancient city walls.

Brought to light by the Cypriot Department of Antiquities between 1973 and 1974, the Paphos Odeon is not only a tourist attraction as it hosts several musical and theatrical performances. After the excavation process the theatre in the Odeon was partly restored. One of the events one could enjoy are the annual choir festival which host some of the best choirs from all over Cyprus as well as contenders and performers from overseas. The Rythms of Light festival is also held at the Paphos Odeon once a week during the summer, when stunning dance performances are held.

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