Paphos, Paphos, CY
Church of St. Solomoni | Map

The church of St. Solomoni is located approximately one kilometer away from the port, close to what is known as Fabrica Hill at St. Paul in Kato Paphos. The church was originally a catacomb engraved in limestone underneath the ground. However, according to some archaeologists the catacombs used to be graves from the Hellenistic period. The site consists of an open court surrounded by five rock engraved chambers. There is a spring in one of the chambers. In the west chamber, ย there is an apse in the wall and remains of religious frescoes on the rest of the walls. At a later time, the site was converted to a church.

Saint Solomoni was one of the people who rejected the worship of idols and embraced Christianity. It is believed that Saint Solomoni found refuge in the caves to escape the Roman persecution against Christians. Then the Romans built a wall at the entrance and in this way they incarcerated her to a slow death. However, a miracle happened, and when the cave was opened 200 years later the Saint walked out alive.

Visitors have to walk down 20 steps in order to see the holy water, the church and the remains of the 12th century frescoes. At the entrance of the catacombs, there is a large pistachio tree and people believe that if they hand a piece of cloth on one of the treeโ€™s branches with honest intentions, then they will be cured of their diseases as the tree is believed to be sacred. The catacombs were carved in, what is called, the Fabrica Hill that is now a church for the Christians.

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