Paphos, Paphos, CY
Paphos Castle | Map

Paphos Castle is located in Kato Paphos adjacent to the harbor. It was originally constructed as a Byzantine fort to protect the city's port. During 1222, the castle suffered destroyed in an earthquake, and it was the Lusignans who reconstructed it in the 13th century. In 1570, the Venetians destroyed the castle, but during the Ottoman rule after the Ottomans captured the island, they restored it and expanded it to the current form.

The castle is built of stone and it features an arched bridge which connects the castle with the harbor. Windows are very few, but one can enjoy the magnificent view of the port from the roof top of the castle. Not only it went through changes over the years, but it also served as a prison, a warehouse for salt during the British occupation, and a fortress. Paphos Castle was acknowledged as a listed building by UNESCO in 1935. Multiple archaeological excavations have been carried out for the investigation of the past.

In front of the Paphos Castle, there is a square used for multiple cultural events all year round, such as the Paphos Aphrodite Festival which hosts popular opera performers. During the last years, the Paphos municipality allows wedding ceremonies to be held inside the castle. Paphos Castle is an excellent option to spend some family time, discovering the island’s history, and enjoying mesmerizing views. Around the harbor, there are multiple restaurants, where visitors can have a romantic dinner or a family meal.


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