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Welcome to your Segway Tours of Nicosia from the Segway Station. Nicosia is a city rich in culture and history, where the past lives side by side with the present. It is the largest city and capital of Cyprus, divided between the occupied North and the free part in the South.

The area has been inhabited for the last four a half millennia, since the Bronze Age in 2500BC. The area known as the Kingdom of Ledra around the 7th century BC became increasingly more important after Arab raids on coastal towns in the 6th century AD forced people to move inland, and gradually became the administrative base of Cyprus by around the 10th century AD. Over the centuries it has been known by various names, including Lefkothea, Lefkousia and Ledri. It has been occupied by various peoples including the Byzantines, the British, the Templars, the Lusignans, the Romans and the Ottomans.

On your Segway Tour we will show you Old Nicosia as you have never seen it before. Magnificent architecture, traditional alleys and workshops, the haunting green line, and nooks and crannies known only to locals. We will look at Old Nicosia while riding the Segways, which are zero-emission, environmentally friendly, noiseless electric personal transporters that enable you to take in over 2 hours, sights that could otherwise take one or two days to see, under the hot sun.