Numerous walking tours are a great way to discover the city’s history and get acquainted with 6,000 years of history. Parks just outside the city, offer great places for hiking, sports, and the Athalassa Dam is ideal for bird watching.

Segway Tours of Nicosia

Owner description:Welcome to your Segway Tours of Nicosia from the Segway Station. Nicosia is a city rich in culture and history, where the past lives side by side with the present. It is the largest city and capital of Cyprus, divided between the occupied North and the free part in the South.

Taste Tours

Owner Description:Feel like a local with our journey to some of the island’s hidden food establishments, away from the tourist hot-spots. You’ll be sampling all kinds of authentic snacks and dishes whilst exploring the backstreets of Cypriot towns and sharing the experience with new faces. Wh.