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Petra tou Romiou / Aphrodites Birthplace

Aphrodite Hills, Paphos, CY
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Petra tou Romiou / Aphrodites Birthplace | Map

Petra Tou Romiou is known by multiple names like for instance Rock of the Greek, Aphrodite’s Rock and Rock of Romios. It is located off the shore alongside the central road from Paphos to Limassol, and it is a rock that has been considered the birthplace of the goddess of fertility, beauty and love, Aphrodite. Ancient tradition supports that Aphrodite was born from the waves. Petra Tou Romiou is located a few kilometers west of Pissouri and people have multiple story versions when talking about it. One of them is that Aphrodite rose naked from the sea on a scallop shell, and another one is that Digenis Akritas, a Byzantine hero, threw rocks at Arab pirates to guard his lady as well as the island.

Artists and poets love visiting Petra Tou Romiou because it inspires them to create romantic poems, paintings, songs and much more. A lot of tourists go to Petra Tou Romiou for a spectacular honeymoon evening. The beach there is also called Petra Tou Romiou due to the rocks located there and locals as well as tourists enjoy swimming in those waters-what differs between the Petra Tou Romiou beach and the rest of the beaches, is that it is pebbly.

Petra Tou Romiou is a popular tourist spot because it allows visitors to spend a relaxing day by the beach with their families and yet still discover some of the history behind the beautiful scenery. Thus, they can combine a relaxing day with an educational day and a romantic day on top of that. This is a unique mixture of feelings that can only be found at Petra Tou Romiou, so do not miss out on the opportunity to visit either with your family or your loved one.

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