CYTA -  Cyprus Telecommunications Authority -  is the national phone company.

Calling from Public phone booth is done by phone cards easily purchased from CYTA shops or kiosks and banks. There are some coin public phones too.


Numbers: To dial outside Cyprus (International) you need to dial 00.To access Cyprus from abroad the country code is +357


Districts have a different prefix number and all land lines and mobile numbers are limited to 8 digits.


Numbers starting with 8000 is a free phone service while a 77 number is a central island-wide number.


Internet Access


Internet is on the rise in Cyprus and many establishments, cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars etc offer internet connections. Speed and type is varied and depending on establishment it can bee free or chargeable.

It is recommended that visitors bring connecting cables and or adaptors for their electronics.


Postal Services


Cyprus has a very regular postal connection with the world.

Letters and parcels can be sent from local Post offices and the stamps can be bought from kiosks as well, hotels, souvenir shops.

EMS/ Datapost is the fast courier service for both documents and parcels (yellow boxes) which the post office offers .These items are dispatched separately  to more than 128 countries.

Post offices are open from Monday through Friday from 07.30 to 13.00.

Some offices have afternoon service too.