Travellers from an EU Member State , are allowed to bring their pets to Cyprus provided they possess either a passport or an Animal Health Certificate.

In case of a non EU country origin , a Vaccination Certificate (especially showing vaccination against rabies) is necessary.


Important for Pet Import:


- Animals should be transported in cages made in accordance to IATA specifications.


- Animals and their accompanying documents are inspected on arrival by the Veterinary Officer or by the duty Customs Officer acting on behalf of the Veterinary Services.


- Animals that fulfill the relevant veterinary provisions will be allowed to enter without being subject to quarantine.


- The Veterinary Officer in charge decides on the basis of the relevant veterinary provisions whether the animal will be quarantined or not.


The date, time of arrival and flight number of the aircraft or the name of the vessel with which the animal is due to arrive in Cyprus must be communicated to the District Veterinary Officer at the point of entry, 48 hours prior to arrival.


The following breeds of dogs are not allowed into the Republic of Cyprus regardless of their country of origin.


- American Pit-bull Terrier; Pit-bull Terrier

- Japanese Tosa; Tosa Inu

- Dogo Argentino; Argentinean Mastiff

- Fila Brasileiro; Brazilian Mastiff


Further information must be obtained from the Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment.