Paphos HarbourEvery town in Cyprus has its distinct features and attractions, but especialy Paphos has a character all its own. First-time visitors often become ardent ‘fans’ who are drawn to the town’s two main features: historical wealth and proximity to the Akamas peninsula, the island’s largest nature reserve, which has earned a special place in the hearts of nature lovers from around the world. Known as the capital of the west, Paphos was in fact the island’s capital in Hellenistic and Roman times. With ancient sites dating back thousands of years scattered in and around the town, Paphos in its entirety is included in the official UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of world heritage. The region’s glorious history surprises you at every turn, often mingling with remnants of the cult of Aphrodite which flourished in this beautiful part of the island. Still under the spell of the beauty-goddess, Paphos is a growing, modern coastal town that seduces visitors and residents with its majestic landscape, lovely coastline, historical treasures, medieval monasteries tucked in the heartland, and delightful villages where tradition is still a way of life.


On the other hand, the town’s modern infrastructure - including a number of golf courses - gives Pafos that perfect balance of the past and the present. It is therefore easy to see why the town itself as well as the district as a whole is experiencing unprecedented development to accommodate an influx of expatriates interested in relocating to Cyprus, and in particular to Pafos. In fact, many of the district’s picturesque villages nestling in a tranquil and unspoilt landscape have a mixed community of local and foreign residents. A Romantic Retreat Known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of beauty and love, Pafos is surrounded by an air of romance. Enchanting Mediterranean sunsets, the visually diverse coastline and unique urban- rural ambience tempt Cypriot and visiting romantics from around the world to celebrate their wedding and honeymoon in Pafos.


Extract from the Holiday Guide by Cyta