The Cyprus Government alongside the various municipalities have made a great effort in the past few years to relieve traffic congestion and to serve the public as well as protect the environment, thus public transport on the island has greatly improved this past year. New transportation companies with modern buses are continuously expanding their network and routes, and increasing the frequency of their service. However, if your time on the island is tight, or you are interested in locations off the main roads, the best way to travel around Cyprus is by car. Cyprus Car Hire can be arranged either in advance mainly through the internet or through a local agency once in Cyprus. The main road network is clearly signposted, but a detailed and up-to-date map (or a GPS receiver) is something every driver should have in his car at all times. Do not hesitate to ask for directions as locals are usually more than happy to give directions and help. The best practice is to consult a fellow driver or any passer-by to save precious time. Foreign visitors will quickly discover that most Cypriots speak English and all are friendly and happy to direct you to your destination. Chances are you will end up having a pleasant chat which will provide interesting information that you will never read in a travel guide! If you do not wish to drive yourself, intercity service taxis are the most convenient way to travel between the main cities, while buses are the most economical alternative. For your ultimate comfort, regular taxis are always available.