Liopetri, Famagusta, CY
Liopetri River | Map

Liopetri River is located west from Ayia Napa and is adjasent to Liopetri Village in Famagusta District. It is not actually a river but the locals call it "Potamos Liopetriou" which means the river of Liopetri as it looks like a river. A narrow, helical strip of the sea penetrates in the land forming something that looks like a fjord. The penetration of the sea in the land reaches approximately 600 meters in length and 10 to 25 meters in width. Liopetri River was formed from the gathering of the rain water from the surrounding villages flowing together to the sea. This location of natural beauty combines rocky grounds, abandoned quarries and wild vegetation.

Currently the Liopetri River is used by fishermen who also park their boats at the banks of the river. There are also some tourists who visit the place to enjoy a day at a quiet beach or eat at the restaurants located arround the river. Some people also set their tents for camping at area. The locals complaint about a fishery pond set within the river which is destroying the underwater life of the river. The government has completed a competition process for the study and total recast of the river and the surrounding areas, with the construction of a small marina, parks, playgrounds, biking trails and more. This project is estimated to cost around 10 million Euro. With the completion of the project, Liopetri River is expected to become a popular attraction both for the tourists and the locals.