Limassol, Cyprus’s wine capital, has since 1961 established one of the island’s most highly popular annual events, the Wine Festival. Every year more than 100.000 visitors Cypriots and tourists attend the festival which takes place at the Municipal Gardens on the seafront at the east side of the town. It usualy starts in the beginning of September and and goes for 12 days.

The Limassol Wine Festival is a celebration of Cypriot wine and tradition and a revival of ancient manifestations of worship in honor of God Dionysus, the Greek Mythology god of wine and Goddess Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love. ”Drink wine for longer life”  the slogan of the festival written on the emblem of a Cypriot winegrower in a an old traditional costume, invites participants to have fun, leave all worries behind and enjoy themselves. Visitors with a small entrance fee which includes a complimentary bottle of wine, can enjoy free tasting of local wines in unlimited amounts .Plenty of wine at fixed low costs is also on sale as well as delicious traditional local dishes (meze).

For those who want to get into the spirit, a traditional wine press gives them the chance to crush grapes with their feet. , Theatrical performances and Folkloric dances, local and international groups, create a joyful atmosphere.