Limassol at night

Limassol or Lemesos as it is pronounced in Greek is a beautiful and lively city in the southern part of Cyprus and the largest municipality of the island. It is found on Akrotiri Bay between the ancient towns of Kourion to the west and Amathunta on th east. The 180.000 inhabitants make Limassol the second largest city after Nicosia the island’s capital. Limassol covers an area of 34.87 square kilometers. During the last few decades it has become an important Mediterranean harbor and a transshipment center of goods from Far East and Europe. It has become a true business center for the eastern Mediterranean area attracting companies from Europe and Russia which take advantage of the double tax treaties the Cyprus Government has periodically signed with many countries around the globe. This rich with culture and heritage town has become an important tourism destination attracting visitors form all over the word not only during the summer but during the winter month as well. The latest findings of natural gas in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus just south of Limassol has strengthened the position of this active town making its future more and more promising.

Limassol a rich cocktail of urban activity and round-the-clock entertainment. Attracting fun- loving Cypriots as well as visitors from around the world, it appeals to those who enjoy the buzz of a cosmopolitan centre, holidaymakers who want to be ‘where the action is’. Apart from being the second largest town after the capital Lefkosia, Lemesos is our island’s main seaport and a major business and trade centre in the Mediterranean. At the same time, long sandy beaches are responsible for its popularity as a bustling summer resort. The string of 5-star hotels along the coast offers high standard accommodation, business services and resort facilities all in one. As such they are the venue of choice for impressive functions of all kinds, from grand wedding receptions to formal private parties and international conferences that combine business and pleasure.

As the successor to two ancient city-kingdoms, the town is often referred to as the venue of a royal wedding in the Middle Ages. The 14th century fort, which is built on the site of an earlier Byzantine castle, is where Richard the Lionheart is said to have married Berengaria of Navarre and crowned her Queen of England in 1191. With rolling vineyards covering the hills just outside the city, Lemesos is home to the island’s main wineries, which add yet another facet to the town’s complex role and potential. Leave the city, head inland and in less than an hour you can exchange the sea breeze for the fresh pine-scented mountain air. It is therefore not surprising that Lemesos has developed rapidly to accommodate expatriates from east and west who are choosing our island as a base for international business, and others who have made it their second home, coming for regular holidays, often several times a year.

Explore the Lemesos area on foot… Walking Tour of the City During this tour, a licenced guide will point out the main attractions of the city of Lemesos, beginning with the open-air sculpture park on the seafront. Moving into the city, the 13th century Medieval Castle is the most prominent landmark, and a reminder of the Crusaders’ presence on the island. On the other hand, the Great Mosque, which was built during the Ottoman rule on the ruins of an earlier church, represents another long phase in the island’s history. Other attractions include the Cathedral of Agia Napa in the heart of the residential and shopping area of Lemesos, the Municipal Market, and a number of listed buildings such as the old Court of Justice, the Post Office and Town Hall. Finally, for a pleasant shopping spree, the pedestrian Agiou Andreou Street is not to be missed. Starting/Ending point: CTO Information Office 115 A’ Spyrou Araouzou Street. Walks are seasonal. To confirm the operation of the tour, please call: 25 36 27 56

Yermasoyia: A Village Blessed with Water Water has always been the most important element in the development of Yermasoyia. The village borders on the sea in the south, and on a water dam in the north. This tour takes you for a stroll through the narrow streets of the peaceful, picturesque village, 15 minutes away from the beach.Here you can discover Yermasoyia’s special architecture, visit its churches, and experience rural life. You will also visit the  Yermasoyia dam, which is fed by the river Amathos coming from the Troodos Mountains. Discover the Natural Environment of  Yermasoyia. This tour takes you away from the village to the unspoiled hills of  Yermasoyia. It begins with an enjoyable ride on an old Bedford bus, partly on dirt roads. The actual walk, some of it uphill, is along the Phinikaria nature trail. Walking for over half an hour you will enjoy a beautiful sample of the Cyprus countryside and a magnificent view of the dam and river. In the wintertime colourful flowers and shrubs cover the valley, which is filled with the scent of wild herbs, flowers and tree blossoms. Starting point: CTO Information Office, Georgiou A’ 22, (Eastern entrance of Dasoudi Beach area)  Yermasoyia. Walks are seasonal. To confirm the operation of the tour, please call: 25 32 32 11


Spend more than a few days in Lemesos and you will experience what everyone knows: that this is the island’s city of merriment, with a population that is always ready to party! In fact, every season comes with a firm set of celebrations. Carnival time sees the island’s most extravagant parade. Spring starts with Easter and gives the signal for the colourful flower festival. By summer, the coast is transformed into one big beach party, and there is nothing on the island like the Wine Festival in September which attracts thousands of local and visiting guests. Like elsewhere, only more, the party calendar ends with lavish Christmas and New Year festivities…