Larnaca, Larnaca, CY
Larnaca Fort | Map

Larnaca Fort is located right on the shore and it allows its visitors to enjoy a superb view of the harbor from its ramparts. It specifically stands on the south end of Phoinikoudes, and was constructed during the reign of James I approximately in the 14th century in order to protect the harbor. According to the archaeologists it was also reconstructed during the Ottoman rule In 1625. The Fort also served as a prison during the British era. Inside the walls of this medieval fort, there is an open yard surrounded by gardens. It appears that the fort had the form of a square tower, even though its original shape is still unknown.

Currently the Larnaca Fortress houses a small medieval museum at Β its upper floor, that exhibits archeological findings from Hala Sultan Tekke and Kition. Moreover, its courtyard hosts cultural events specifically during the summer. Lastly, the Fort is utilized as the Larnaca Municipal Cultural Center.

Open from Monday to Friday

Opening Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 (September - May)

09:00 - 19:30 (June - August)

Entrance: 4.50 Euro

There is special discount for groups over 10 people.