Larnaca, Larnaca, CY
Larnaca District Archeological Museum | Map

Larnaka District Archaeological Museum exhibits finds from Larnaka and the surrounding area, which was inhabited long before the 13th century BC when Β the city-kingdom of Kition was built by the Mycenaean Greeks.

Among the items dating to the prehistoric settlements at Choirokoitia and Kalavassos, visitors may admire tools made of bone, jewellery and a prehistoric tomb in which a heavy stone was found, laid on the head and chest of the dead man. Bronze Age faience, ivory and alabaster objects bear witness to the commerce of the time. Archaeological items from the Archaic and Hellenistic eras are also exhibited at this museum. There is a collection of Mycenaean ceramics, votive terracotta figurines, glass objects from Roman times and an interesting exhibition of Cypro-Minoan inscriptions. The museum also contains stone anchors found in the area.

The museum is easy to located as it is found in the city center. It is also accessible by people in wheelchair.

Plateia Kalograion.

Tel.: 24 304 169

Openning Hours: Β 09:00-14:30 (Monday -Friday)

Thurs. 15:00-17:00 (except July & August)

Entrance: 2.50 Euro

Chair Lift Available