Kourion BeachMany tourists but many locals as well, especially on weekends, are visiting this fantastic and super clean beach. The tourists combine a day out by vising the ancient Curium theatre which is located just on top of the cliff hanging above the beach. The beach is also known to locals as Ayios Ermoyenis, named after the small church nearby which on its turn is named after Saint Ermoyenis. Β The beach is almost untouched by humans, with the only buildings in the area being some small beach restaurants. Light gray sand and small pebbles. The area is usually windy and perfect for windsurfing and paragliding. Light wind is blowing almost constantly and the cool breeze is perfect to sooth the heat of the hot Cyprus summer. The eastern part of this Beach is marked as dangerous, but should not discourage visitors as there is ample space on the reaming beach to the west. So after visiting the ancient Curium city, why not explore this naturally beautiful beach.