Kolossi, Limassol, CY
Kolossi Castle | Map

Kolossi Castle is located 14 km west of Limassol, and it is a former Crusader stronghold. It was strategically important, and it had amenities necessary for the production of sugar which was one of the island’s main exports during the Middle Ages. Kolossi was initially built during the 13th century, and it is an excellent illustration of a military architecture. Its current form was built, however, in the middle of the 15th century. The long and turbulent history of Cyprus is directly linked to Kolossi and its castle. At first, Kolossi Castle was owned by the Order of the Templars and then the Order of the St. John took ownership.

There are two different views when it comes to the building of the castle. Some people believe that it was constructed in 1210 A.D. when King Hugh I gave Kolossi to the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. On the East, North-East and North side of the building that still exist, remain the ruins of the original castle.

However, others believe that the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem constructed the castle in 1454 A.D. Even though everyone agrees that the castle was built in 1454 A.D., the first opinion states that there was another older castle build there on which Kolossi was built, while the second opinion completely ignores the existence of older castle ruins.

Currently, the castle has an extraordinary square shape that was well built. Due to its military structure, the castle offered pleasing security to the area. It resisted many attacks, and it was as strong as the castle of Kyrenia. It has four sides whose outside is 16 m long and inside is 13.5 m, and it is 21 m tall. This is a great spot to spend a family evening away from the hassle of the city.


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