Kataklysmos is a very important event and is celebrated in all coastal cities every year. The Coastal Promenade road of Limassol hosts this 3 day-weekend event, 50 days after Greek Orthodox Easter.

It is called ‘Kataklysmos’ which means flooding or Water festival and it could originate from ancient Greek ceremonies held in Cyprus in antiquity. The festival is also related to a Greek Orthodox holiday, the Day of The Holy Spirit because it commemorates the descent of Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. Water is the element of this festival and many water games are organized. In the past where traditions were more of the epicenter of a holiday or festival, families would go to the beach to swim or play. Throwing water to each other was the thing to do on such a day. Actually, it is linked to the belief of cleansing oneself, physically and spiritually while being in a happy mood with music.

The festival in Limassol is spread almost on 2km of coastal road, where open air kiosks are set up by merchants coming from all over Cyprus to sell traditional goods, delicacies and toys. There are ‘game’ booths, water games and competitions. Dance and Singing performers entertain every night and many contests are organized.


Event Date: usually June depending on Easter date.