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A slight increase of 3% in Tourism arrivals is the outcome of the 2012 statistics, in  comparison to the previous year (2011) , while revenues from same, have increased by 11%. What made the difference is the incoming flow from the Russian market, substituting traditional tourist markets ,such as the UK and Germany that have dropped by 6% – 8,5% respectively.

The results show a potential in further developing the Russian market especially during the winter months of Cyprus. Winter is much milder in Cyprus and the direct flights from St Petersburg and Moscow airports should continue being in operation during the low season; this will definitely boost the tourism market.

Long stated problems in Cyprus tourism should be dealt with and resolved. Motivating new airlines to operate flights to Cyprus from other potential markets, extending the seasonality, presenting attractive packages to foreign tour operators for low season and other effective strategies should be implemented and coordinated by the Tourism Authorities for long term benefits for Cyprus.