Idalion or Idalium was an ancient city in Cyprus. The city was prospered and became so wealthy that became one of the 10 Kingdoms of Cyprus listed on the Stele of the Assyrian King Sargon of 707 BC. The city was founded on the copper trade in the 3rd millennium BC. Its name in the 8th century BC was "Ed-di-al" as it appears on the Sargon Stele. 

Idalion kingdom was the centre of the worship of  "Wanassa" the Great Goddess of Cyprus or Queen of Heaven and Master of Animals. This worship appears to have begun in the 11th century BC and continued down through the Roman Period. 

The excavations conducted by the Cyprus Department of Antiquities at the western Acropolis of the capital of the Kingdom of Idalion, have brought to light a massive fortified building complex with two acropoleis, temples of Athena, Apollo, Adonis and other Gods. Even though the original inhabitants were natives of the island, known to scholars as the Eteocypriots, there is evidence of non-Cypriot presence such as Greek, Phoenician, and others since the Archaic Period (550 BC) The fortified palace was also a sign of the cities wealth and prosperity as it is one of the few and the largest known in Cyprus.