Cyprus Flag






Cyprus Flag:

The Cyprus Flag is white with a copper-colored outline of the island and two olive branches .The flag really symbolizes, copper – the suggested origin of Cyprus name, from the copper ore found on the island. The twin olive branches, a symbol of peace between the two communities of Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Phone Area Code: +357

Capital City:  Nicosia

Climate:  Temperate, Mediterranean, Hot long summers and cool winters

Currency:  Euro (€)

Electric Current: 

The Voltage in Cyprus is 240V / 50 Hz. Electricity plugs used in Cyprus are 3-pin.(like the UK)

Origin :

Cyprus, Kypros: The name of Cyprus may originate from the Mediterranean Cypress Tree (Kyparissos) or the Eteorcypriot word for copper as the island was rich in Copper ore.

Geographic Coordinates:  Lt: 34° and 36° N, Lg 32° and 35° E.

Geography:  Situated in east Mediterranean, Cyprus is the third largest island after Sicily and Sardinia.

Government:  Republic 

Languages:  Greek, Turkish, English

Population:  1,138,071  -  July 12 (approximately)

Religions:  Greek Orthodox 78%, Muslim 18%, Maronite, Armenian Apostolic, and other 4%

Time Zone:  GMT + 2:00 hours 

Total Area:  Total: 9,250 sq km, 240 km Long and 100 km wide (at it’s widest) Highest point: Mount Olympus 1951 metres

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