Trachoni Lemesou, Limassol, CY
Fasouri Water Mania Water Park | Map

Fasouri Watermania is located in Limassol, and it is a huge waterpark for locals, tourists, youngsters, families and older individuals who are looking to spend a relaxing but at the same time exciting day cooling off from the hot sun. Fasouri is a part of the Lanitis Group of Companies, and it belongs to Heaven’s Garden Waterpark. The Fasouri Waterpark was envisioned in 1998, and it first opened in 1999 on 14 acres of land. A year later the park was expanded to include more slides, and in 2003 it got even larger to add the Black Cannon slide to its collection.

The waterpark was also awarded as Europes Leading Waterpark Attraction in 2007, and currently it is the largest waterpark in Cyprus both in number of attractions/facilities and in size. Fasouri has a tropical feel which attracts tourists from all over the world and it is approximately 25 acres. Fasouri Watermania has 30 slides, sun beds, umbrellas, souvenir shop, table games, football pitch, large playground and swimming pools.

For people who want to relax and are not interested in the slides, there is a Lazy River that takes you around without you even having to move a muscle. For those who like to swim but are afraid of the slides, there are swimming pools. For those who are looking for extreme slides, there is a slide called Kamikazi and if you like fast slides then Black Cannon is another slide worth trying. If you visit the waterpark with your family and you have lots of kids that are constantly hungry, there is nothing for you to worry about since the park has three snack shops and two large restaurants where you can have your lunch any time you feel hungry.

Owner Description:

Fasouri Watermania Waterpark is owned by Heaven’s Garden Waterpark Ltd, a member of the Lanitis Group of Companies.

The vision of the Waterpark was born In 1998.  In 1999, Fasouri Watermania started its operation for the first time on a 56.000 square meters (14 acres) of land.  All construction was carried out having the protection of the environment in mind at all times. All equipment has been supplied by well-known international manufacturers and no aspects of safety were left to chance.

In 2000, during our second year of operation, the park was expanded to include many new attractions and facilities.

In 2003 we carried out another impressive expansion program, which further enhanced the Waterpark. We added the ‘Black Cannon’ slides to our already impressive array of attractions. We enriched the natural motif of the Waterpark with the addition of a Polynesian theme, which includes over 1.500 square meters of wooden pergolas.

In 2007 Fasouri Watermania Waterpark has been awarded as Europe’s Leading Waterpark Attraction for the World Travel Awards, which is the biggest and the most prestigious awards program in the travel industry worldwide.

Fasouri Watermania is presently the biggest Waterpark in Cyprus both in size (over 100.000 square meters – 25 acres) and number of attractions and facilities (with 30 different slides for all ages, two restaurants and three snack bars). We entertain thousands of local and tourist visitors every year.

The Waterpark Fasouri Watermania is the ideal place for families, friends and children to spend a one-day outing, away from work troubles and paper loads.

At Fasouri Watermania Waterpark we want you to enjoy being entertained in a safe, fun and relaxing environment. Get away from the hassle and bustle of the crowded city and join us for a unique thrilling experience.

The Waterpark packs an impressive array of attractions, facilities and services. Dressed in a Polynesian theme, the Waterpark gives a tropical feeling to your experience.

So…do yourself a favor this summer:  Have some cool fun at the number one Waterpark in Cyprus, Fasouri Watermania!  We look forward to making this an experience to remember!