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Cyprus is an island of contrasts! Many visitors and lovers of skiing visit the Troodos ski resort due to good skiing conditions, mild weather and reasonable prices compared to other European ski resorts.

During the winter season and after the snowfall levels are satisfactory, the skiing season in Cyprus officially begins. There is a ski station at the mountain of Troodos featuring four ski slopes. The ski station is accessible through the Karvounas, Platres and Prodromos roads and there are two hotels in the Troodos square and several other hotels and traditional guest houses in the surrounding villages. Fort the convenience of the visitors there is a ski rental shop selling from latest models ski equipment to used older pieces. There is also a cafeteria, a restaurant and lifts. People not very familiar with the sport and young children may attend ski and snowboard lessons which are provided at the Troodos ski resort. There are group and private lessons for children and adults and the rates are per hour. Ski lessons should be booked at one of the three schools.

The Cyprus Ski Federation was founded in 1992. It is a member of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and has been representing Cyprus in The International Ski Federation and other organizations. It is responsible for the organization of Troodos FIS International Competitions. There are five ski clubs which are the Famagusta Ski Club, the Limassol Ski Club, the Nicosia Ski Club, the Larnaca Ski Club and the Troodos Ski Club. All Ski Clubs are members of the Cyprus Ski Club and the Cyprus Ski Federation. The official website of the federation provides information regarding the accessibility to the ski station, the temperature and the maximum snow depth at each slope.


The ski lifts are open daily from 9:00 to 61:00 during the winter season.

Full day pass: EUR 23

Afternoon pass 13:00 onwards: EUR 16

Club memebers receive a discount.