Deryneia, Famagusta, CY
Cultural Center Of Occupied Ammochostos | Map

Cultural Centre of Occupied Ammohostos was build in 2001 and is located right on the roadblock of Dheryneia. It has been hosting several demonstrations against the occupation of the city of Ammochostos, which is known as Famagusta.

On the second floor of the building there is an observatory, where visitors can use binoculars to gaze upon the buildings and occupied land that lies only a breath away. Informative material available in various languages is provided by the staff at the Cultural Center, free of charge.

The building also features a multi-purpose hall where video material related to Famagusta is daily projected to hundreds of foreign visitors to the Center. Video projections as part of educational excursions, are also available for pupils of primary and secondary school.

The premises of Cultural Center of Occupied Ammochostos are also used to host artistic exhibitions, seminars, congresses, lectures and a variety of cultural events. There is also a small, outdoor amphitheater mainly used during summer period.


Open Daily

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 7:30 - 16:30

Saturday: 9:00 - 16:30