Limassol, Limassol, CY
Carob Museum | Map

The carob museum is hosted near the Limassol Medieval Castle, in the old Carob Mill premises.

The Mill was built in 1900 during the great export times of carobs from Cyprus. β€˜The black gold’ as it was referred to was used in the production of medicine film chocolates and other sweets. In Cyprus, it was used in many local traditional recipes. Majority of the machinery is almost intact. The Museum blends the old restored machinery used in the process, in a modern, high-tech look. The building housing the Carob Mill is one of the largest listed industrial buildings in Cyprus. In the past, when the Mill was at its full glory, the building was also used as a storage place for the carob products after being processed through the carob crushers.

Currently the museum offers ample space to host several cultural events and exhibitions. There is almost always an event going on at the Carob Mill, hence the visitor has a lot to see by visiting the Carob Museum.

Operating Hours: Open Daily

Entrance: Free