Kiti, Larnaca, CY
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Ruins of Ancient Kition are located northwest of Larnaca and are mostly buried under the modern town. The area was rebuilt by Achaean Greeks, and the earliest architectural remains come from the 13th century B.C. Of particular interest are the remains of the Cyclopean Walls that consist of massive blocks, and the compound of the five temples that date back to the 13th century B.C. The Phoenician Temple of Astarte is the most interesting one and it is in Area II of the excavation site-it was constructed on Bronze-Age temple ruins.

At the District Archeological Museum, there are multiple artifacts found from excavations that visitors can see. Fertility goddess Astarte is the large visible structure at the site out of the five, and the other four, that are smaller, are interconnected with copper smelting workshops. Therefore, it is believed that either the locals used to worship a deity that was related to copper or they had a religious interest in the production of copper.

Tourists and visitors can see most of the remains of Ancient Kition from a site called “Area II,” which is located around 1km northwest of the city center. Currently, the area is extremely protected and digging is strictly prohibited.

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