1 Aphrodite Avenue, Paphos, 8500 Paphos, Cyprus | P.O. Box 64118, P.O. Box Postal Code 8072

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Hotel Description

Aphrodite Hills, a luxurious and casually elegant resort near Paphos, is set in one of the most scenic, naturally beautiful locations in Cyprus, overlooking the very spot where Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is said to have emerged from the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.

Contact Details
Street Aphrodite Avenue 1
Location Paphos
Postal Code 8500
District Paphos
Country CYPRUS
P.O. Box 64118
P.O. Box Postal Code 8072
Website https://www.aphroditehills.com
Phone # (+357) 26 829 000
Fax # (+357) 26 829 001
Company Information
Directors Mr Philippe Requin
Member of Lanitis Development Ltd