Cosmelenia Apartments Class B

140 Nissi Avenue, Ayia Napa, 5344 Famagusta, Cyprus | P.O. Box 30577

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Hotel Description

A perfect vacation is not just about a perfect and exotic location. If you, as a customer do not benefit of good services and a cozy accommodation, you will not enjoy the holiday entirely. But the problem will be resolved if you decide to have a holiday in Cyprus. We have a nice place for you to browse through! The Cosmelenia Apartments are located near Ayia Napa`s center and is a relaxing and quiet place, perfect for a beautiful vacation. The hotel has everything a guest could dream of. Is recently renovated and updated to a more modern look, but without losing its authentic charm and perfect services.

The first thing to notice when in is the reception area, which looks neat and clean, designed to be relaxing and to create a cheerful atmosphere. The architecture of the building itself spreads a joyful yet relaxing feeling, so you will feel like home, but without all the chores. Probably you will not have to wait in line to get a room, even if you did not make a reservation for one, but if you do, the waiting room is perfect to relax for a few minutes after a long and tiring road. After you check in and finally get into your room, you will feel just like home. The hotel has neat and clean rooms, perfect for relaxing or sleeping. Some rooms have a kitchenette if you need to cook or have a meal inside. The prices are not very expensive, so it is affordable for anyone who would like to visit.

Cosmelenia Apartments offers a spotless pool area, where you can lay in the sun, have a bath in the clean water or have a drink at the hotel bar. Drinks here are not expensive and are perfect if you want to refresh after a hot day in the sun. The surroundings are amazing and none of their customers complained of boredom yet, the hotel management argues. You always have something to do. If you want to relax, they have lounges designed just for customers, where you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere and run away from a hot day. Or, if you want to visit Ayia Napa, you can take walks or take a bus to the town center. But if you want to have fun and stay at the hotel, they have areas where you can play pool, have a drink or admire the views.

You are always connected to the world because these apartments provide Internet services that are free for guests in order to keep track with the social and media world. Rumor has it that the food they make is also good. They have good cooks that are ready to satisfy your appetite at the most competitive prices. The restaurant offers a great view and the atmosphere is relaxing and perfect for a holiday. So do not miss the opportunity to have a great vacation and experience at the Cosmelenia Apartments in Ayia Napa.

  • Hotel Apartments
  • Class B
  • Air Conditioned Rooms
  • Bar
  • Centrally Heated Rooms
  • Free Car Park
  • Internet Access
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis
Contact Details
Street Nissi Avenue 140
Location Ayia Napa
District Famagusta
Country CYPRUS
P.O. Box 30577
P.O. Box Postal Code 5344
Website 22/
Phone # (+357) 23 723 060
Fax # (+357) 23 723 076
Company Information
Number of Employees 1-50

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