25th Martiou, Asgata, Limassol, CY
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Sayious Adventure Park offers a unique experience to anyone looking for a great adventure in Cyprus! Off-Road tours with Buggy or ATV, Paintball, Drift Go-Karting, Archery. ALL IN ONE! PRE-BOOKING REQUIRED.

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Sayious Adventure Park : Activities

Off Road Buggy's are true adrenalin rushes. Think about rally driving. Think about go karting. Put the two together and you have off road rally buggies. They are both different and challenging and unlike anything you have driven before.

The Buggy's have automatic gearbox, in a chassis with a full roll-cage and all round spring suspension making them very forgiving for the first timer and a lot of fun for everyone. There's only two pedals for stop and go.

Paintball is a popular strategy and action team game that combines exercise and entertainment.

The game requires two or more equal teams and takes place in custom landscaped fields. The objective of the game is to retrieve the opposite team’s flag, take hold of the opposite team’s fort, or eliminate the opposite team by hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a "paintball").

Each player is equipped with a special paintball marker and pellets filled with colored water that break upon impact.

During the game, the players wear protective equipment and are supervised by experienced referees who are scattered in the paintball field.


Off Road ATV-Quad biking is fantastic fun, takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Here at The Off Road Action Park we have different courses to test your skills so if you get an adrenalin trip travelling at 5 miles an hour or feel the need for speed and jumps on our extreme course we can cater for every age and ability.


Kids Fun

Worried about the kids? DON'T! They will love it!

SUITABLE FOR 7+ years old

We have go-karts small enough for children to drive. With simple accelerators and brake controls they can be mastered by anyone easily and quickly.

We also have a quad for our young friends with a safety-kill switch.

Provided that they are driven sensibly the karts are very stable and easy to drive. However, if the child does not act responsibly then there is a risk of injury.  Parental judgment must be exercised before allowing a child to drive one. We award extra driving time for sensible driving (no crashes!) and have found this to be a very successful formula for encouraging them to do so.

We can also provide a BOUNCING CASTLE for our little friends (upon request)


Drift Go-kart : Go Kart racing in the latest "drift go karting". Unlike ordinary go karts, these cars are designed for dirt track racing and, once you get the knack, you'll have great fun sliding these amazing little cars around our specially formed off-road track.


Archery: Try your hand at archery. It's safe and fun so gather the family and try some target practice