Nightlife and Entertainment Tips

In Cyprus it is all about atmosphere… Even if you are what Cypriots call a ‘house- cat’ – someone who likes to spend his free time at home – a fair amount of afternoon or evening entertainment is a holiday must. And if it is business that brings you to Cyprus, you certainly deserve some time off to balance your business agenda. Going ‘downtown’ – in all towns – is usually a safe bet; but remember, especially in summer, local nightlife starts late, often not before 10 pm. So, enjoy a nap after lunch, visit a cafe΄ for a late afternoon coffee, take your time over dinner, and look forward to a wonderful night out!

Clubs and Bars: for every preference are abundant in Lefkosia, Larnaka and Pafos, and even more so in Lemesos, Protaras, and of course, Agia Napa. Agia Napa in particular has earned a reputation as a fully-fledged clubbing destination that has it all. Circuit the resort and you will find everything from House, Garage, to R&B, Hip-Hop, 70’s and Trance sounds within walking distance, often provided by popular DJ’s who are well-known beyond our shores. For those who prefer a quieter environment more conducive to casual conversation, various lounge bars in all towns are the appropriate alternative for after-dinner drinks or simply to wind down after a long day full of activity.

Music Stages: Various music stages that are emerging mostly in hidden corners of Lefkosia, Lemesos and Larnaka are gaining increasing popularity. These night spots are virtually the hotbeds of budding professional musicians, with different bands playing on different evenings, each performing an individual repertoire that ranges from classic rock, to Greek rock or alternative music. More genuine and less glamorous, these bands are known to generate a rare atmosphere of casual and spirited entertainment.

Cafe and Coffee shops: Today as in the past, the traditional village coffee shops are an indispensible meeting point, where men and boys meet to talk politics, play a game of cards or backgammon, share news and in general keep in touch with what’s happening in the village. In the towns on the other hand, although you do still find such coffee shops in neighbourhoods outside the centres, a more modern version serves the same purpose and is literally booming in the form of upscale cafe΄s, international franchises or more ‘alternative’ downtown settings. Unlike the village coffee shops, the urban counterpart knows no boundaries of age or gender. Men and women from teens to seniors, students and businessmen, singles, couples and groups, all have identified their favourite cafe΄. Cards and backgammon have been largely replaced by wi-fi hot spots, so tables are usually littered with laptops and iPads. From mid- morning to past midnight, this is where people meet with friends and enjoy an overwhelming choice of ‘designer’ coffees and snacks in a casual environment where they can see and be seen… You may have to ‘test’ a few, but there is no doubt that you will soon find your niche and learn to love this moderate indulgence.

Cinemas: The modern cineplex theatres in all major towns are known to get quite busy at weekends, and especially on the opening night of a new release. Visitors from abroad should note that all films run with their original soundtrack, mostly in English, with Greek subtitles. Animated family movies are often screened with English and Greek soundtracks alternately. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you call and find out what time the version you are interested in is running.

Movie Theatres: Larnaka K-Cineplex 1-6 Tel: 77 77 83 83 Pelloponisou & Indou Potamou Lemesos Othellos 1, 2 Tel: 25 35 22 32 19 Thesallonikis Str K-Cineplex 1-5 Tel: 77 77 83 83 8 Ariadnis Str, Moutayiaka RIO 1, 2, 3 Tel: 25 87 14 10 125 Ellados Str Lefkosia K-Cineplex 1-6 Tel: 77 77 83 83 8 Makedonitissis, Strovolos Zena Palace Tel: 22 67 41 28 18 Th. Theodotou Str, Lefkosia Cine Studio Tel: 22 35 86 62 46, Makedonitissis Str, Engomi Pantheon Art Cinema Tel: 22 67 57 87 29, Diagorou Str., Lefkosia Pafos Cine Orasis 1, 5 13 25 34 Aposto

Theatres: The choice of Greek theatre performances is good and growing, with various small stages complementing the municipal theatres in all major towns. Performances are regular and change quite often, so it is best to contact the individual theatres to find out what’s currently on, dates, times, and price of tickets. Some are: Satiriko Theatro, Theatro Ena, Ethal, Theatro Skala, Theatro Anemona, Theatro Versus, Paravan Proactions, Theatro Dionysos, Theatro Antidoto.


Anemona Theatre 22 57 30 31
Archbishop Makarios III Amphitheatre 22 31 45 07
Cyprus Theatrical Organisation (TH.O.C.) Central Stage: 77 77 27 17
New Stage: 22 48 03 00
Experimental Stage: 22 77 23 95
Dionysos Theatre 22 81 89 99
(The) Falcon School Amphitheatre 22 42 47 81
Laiko Theatro Aglantzia 22 33 30 07
Lakatameia Municipal Amphitheatre 22 38 09 05
Russian Cultural Centre 22 76 16 07
Satiriko Theatre 22 31 29 40
Skali Cultural Centre 22 33 63 63
Theatre Ena 22 43 98 38


Agios Athanasios Municipal Theatre 25 72 42 52
E.TH.AL. Praxis Theatre 25 87 78 27
Koilada Theatre 25 52 13 03
Kato Polemidia Municipal Amphitheatre 25 82 13 82
Municipal Gardens Theatre 25 58 86 94
Pattichion Municipal Theatre 25 34 33 41
Pissouri Amphitheatre 25 22 22 92
Rialto Theatre 25 34 39 00

Antidoto Theatre 24 82 26 77
Municipal Theatre 24 66 57 94
Pattichion Municipal Amphitheatre 24 62 93 00
Theatro Skala 24 63 79 52


Markideion Theatre 26 93 25 71
Theatre Halls s 1, 2 Tel: 26 95 Apostolou Pavlou Str